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Please kindly settle application fee and minimum donation within 1 week of registration.

Event Cancellation

In case the event is cancelled due to Covid-19 statutory restrictions or major safety considerations (not weather related), the following three options will be available.

(a) Donate the registration fee together with donation paid. Tax deductible receipt will be issued in year 2020.
(b) Transfer the full amount of registration fee and donation (tax deductible receipt will still be issued in year 2020) to the same race in the 2021 event and participants do not need to re-register. Substitution of solo runners, team or corporate leaders are not allowed. A handling fee of $50 per person will be required for substitution of other team members. If the 2021 event registration fee or minimum donation requirement is raised, topping up of the amount difference will be required.
(c) Let Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours deduct HKD100 per person from the registration fee to cover for event organising expenditures (runner pack, timing and other preparation expenses). Balance of registration fee and donation paid (after deducting payment platform charge) will be refunded.

Once any of the three options is selected at registration, subsequent change request will not be entertained.

Refund cheques for option (c) can only be issued in name of solo runner or team leader and must be collected together with runner packs (if not picked up) within specified period at Sowers Action office.

In case the event is not held due to bad weather, no supplementary event will be arranged. Registration fee and donation will not be refunded.

Application Fee
Category Fee (per person) Minimum Donation

(per person)

Early Bird

(June 29 – July 31)

August 1 – August 31
Individual Men Categories HK$200 HK$300 HK$780
Individual Women Categories
Team / Relay (4 persons, age 15 or above) HK$700
Team – Family (2, 3 or 4 persons) (At least one age 18 or above, at least one age 14 or below) Age on or above 15: HK$780
Age on or below 14: HK$200
Team – Corporate (4 persons, age 15 or above) HK$1,300

Note: There will be no participant T-shirt distributed this year

AEON Credit Card Offer
  1. Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours registration period: June 29, 2020 9:00am – August 31, 2020 11:59pm.
  2. For those who successfully register and fully pay during the registration process using Aeon credit card are entitled to the early bird $200 registration fee throughout the registration period, as well as a Nikko folding water bottle as a souvenir. The walker must present the Aeon credit card in order to receive the souvenir when he/she comes to pickup the runner pack in early October.
  3. Terms and conditions apply. If there is any dispute, the information on is official.
Declaration for Participants
 Participant's statement (Participants under the age of 18 must be approved by the guardian)
1I/We have a clear understanding of the relevant information, including the "Registration Details and Notices" and precautions of this activity, and agree to participate in and comply with the Sowers Action (Organizer) and all relevant rules and temporary arrangements of the Organizer.
2I/We hereby represent and warrant that I/We will bear all responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the event, including death, injury, or property damage. The organizer, sponsoring organization and support organization are not required to make any compensation or assume any legal responsibility. The organizer proposes that each participant should pay attention to their own safety and the risk consequences of the exercise to purchase a suitable insurance plan for themselves.
3If I/We are unable to arrive at the designated place within the time specified by the Organizer during the event, we will be responsible for and arrange to leave the venue. If I/We have an accident during the event that causes the organizer to pay additional expenses, I/We are willing to pay the required fee.
4I/We hereby declare and warrant that all contributions, directly or indirectly, from participation in this activity will be donated in full to the Sowers Action for the purpose of funding educational projects. It is also guaranteed that this activity cannot be used for fundraising purposes of other institutions. Once all donations have been credited, no refunds will be made.
5The organizer will conduct filming, recording and video recordings of the photography team and video team appointed by the organizer during the event (including briefings, event day, fundraising awards ceremony and other related activities). Photographs, videos and videos will be obtained. The use of such audio-visual products for the promotion of Sowers Action and their promotional fundraising activities is not required to be consulted by any person or approved by any person.
i.The activity period includes any activities related to the event, including but not limited to briefing sessions, collection of materials, training, fundraising, awards and celebrations.
ii.This document is subject to the Chinese version. The organizer has full interpretation rights and will update from time to time.
Donations and Sponsorship Form
Download Sponsorship Form

Please update Donations and Sponsorship list via Online registration System on or before 30 November 2020

Login Personal Blog(Participant Login), click into the “Donation List” to update the Donations and Sponsorship list.

Remarks: Sum of donation amount could not more than confirmed donation amount. “Confirmed Donation Amount” is the donation confirmed by organizer, “Outstanding amount” are waiting for confirmation by organizer, it takes 1-2 working days for confirmation after online donation or bank-in.

Submission of Donations

Participants can make donations by:

1. Cheque Crossed cheque payable to “Sowers Action”. Please write the team leader / individual participation no. and contact telephone no. at the back of the cheque. Send the cheque together with the Sponsorship Form to Sowers Action;
2. Cash Bank of China Account No. 012-875-1144-6785
HSBC Account No. 084-7-042199
Please write the leader/ individual, participation no. and contact telephone no. on the deposit slip (with deposit bank account no., amount and deposit date clearly shown). Email or Whatsapp (91064082) the deposit slip to Sowers Action. Please retain the original of the deposit slip for checking by Sowers Action
3. 7-11 Convenient Store Make donations to “Sowers Action” at the cashier. 

Please write the leader/ individual, participation no. and contact telephone no. on the receipt (with account, amount and donation date clearly shown). Email or Whatsapp (91064082) the receipt to Sowers Action. Please retain the original of the receipt for checking by Sowers Action

4. Alipay HK Participants can use Alipay HK for online payment. Participants can log in on the registration website Personal Blog and select credit card on the Checkout page for online credit Checkout page for Alipay HK payment.
5. Credit Card Participants can use Visa or Master for online payment. Participants can log in on the registration website Personal Blog and select credit card on the Checkout page for online credit Checkout page for online credit card payment.
6. Faster Payment System (FPS) Account No. 7599889
Please enter the EN number in the “message to payee” column for identification. Please keep record of the payment.
Donation Receipt
  • Upon receipt of donations together with Sponsorship information, donation receipts can be downloaded by participants on the Personal Blog from December 30, 2020 to March 30, 2021. Team leader is requested to download the electronic receipt(s) on their personal blog and distribute it/them to their team members.
  • Sowers Action will issue tax deductible official receipt for any donation from HK$100 or above. Please submit donors’ name and donation amount via Participant Login.
  • Official receipts will be prepared according to the dates the donations received;
  • To reduce our administration expenses, no receipt will be issued for any donation under HK$100;
  • If no or incomplete donor information is entered into the Participant Login by 30th November 2020, receipt will be issued in name of participant.
  • A handling fee of $30 per receipt is required for issuing additional or supplementary receipt