Sowers Challenging Virtual Run (V-Run)

Sowers Challenging Virtual Run (V-Run)

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Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours announces the cancellation of the 2020 event. Participants who have completed the event registration may join Sowers Challenging Virtual Run free.

Although the pandemic situation is easing, the safety and health of participants, volunteers and event crew has always been the priority concern of the organizing committee.  As the event day is less than two months away and significant relaxing of the social gathering ban is unlikely, it is therefore decided that the Nov 1st event be cancelled.  Post cancellation arrangement will be processed according to the selections (full donation, refund after deducting $100, defer registration to 2021) made by participants at registration.

While the pandemic situation has not subsided, Challenging 12 Hours 2020 will be continued differently. Those who have completed the registration (fully paid registration fee and donation) will automatically become Sowers Challenging Virtual Run participants free.  All Virtual Run participants are entitled to gift packs worth HK260.  Completion of the relevant Virtual Run distance within the date range and fulfilling V-Run requirements will be awarded a finisher medal, e-certificate and finisher souvenirs*.

* Gift pack and souvenir is first come first serve


1. Entry Qualification : Those who have completed the registration(Information entered, fee and donation fully paid)automatically become Sowers Challenging Virtual Run participants.  No need to register again and it is free.  Open Team, Corporate Team and Family Team members will all become solo Virtual Run participants.

2. This Virtual Run also welcomes those have not paid registration fee and donation of the 2020 Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours.  A donation of HK$200 is required on the Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours website between Sept 14th and Nov 30th 2020.

3. Date : Participants may pick any date for the Virtual Run between Nov 1st 2020 to Jan 31st 2021 and complete the V-run in one go without hours limit.

4. Route : Same distance as the race signed up by the participants in Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours 2020.  Free to choose any route within Hong Kong which measures 12, 26 or 42 KM.  Participants have to do this V-Run mostly in countryside.  12KM route must pass at least one country park distance post or a Lands Department Trigonometric Pole.  26KM and 42KM routes must pass at least 2 and 3 poles respectively.

5. Information Upload : Record the V-Run by mobile phone app or GPS watch and selfie at the distance post or trigonometric pole. Update the screen capture containing time taken, distance, map, selfie photo(s) to the runner blog.  Sole participants originated from Teams have to append their name to the upload files. All selfie photos will only be used for verification purpose and will not be publicized by the organizer. All information has to be uploaded to runner blog by Jan 31st 2021.

6. Runner pack and Finisher Souvenir: Participants will get gift packs worth HK$290.   Completion of the relevant Virtual Run distance within the date range and fulfilling V-Run requirements will be awarded a finisher medal, e-certificate and finisher souvenirs*.  Participants will be notified to collect the items at Sowers Action office by email.

7. Fundraising: Participants are encouraged to continue raising donation up-to Jan 31st 2021.  The Fundraising Competition Award Ceremony will not be held.  Please submit the sponsor list before Feb 5th 2021 and download the official donation receipts from the runner blog between Feb 12th to Mar 31st 2021.  Team leaders shall download and distribute the receipts to fellow members.

8. Ethical Run : This is a voluntary activity without competition ranking awards. Participants shall take it as personal challenge.  The organizer will publish the top 10 men and women finisher time records anonymously for reference.

9. Activity Safety: This V-Run should be fully self-support.  It is recommended that participants should run in company and be abided by the social gathering rules. The organizer did not arrange insurance cover for this V-Run.

10. Sowers Action encourages everyone to continue exercise during Covid-19 period.  Stay tune to more information of this V-Run.

* Gift pack and souvenir is first come first serve

Runner Pack Collection

Please collect the runner’s pack in person with the confirmation letter (electronic version is acceptable) to pick up at Sowers Action office

Please prepare your own bags for runner’s pack collection.

Address: No. 101, 1/F, Sunbeam Plaza, 1155 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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