Submission of Donation

Make donation by:

1) 7-11 Convenience Store

Please go to the cashier to make donation to “Sowers Action”. Please keep the receipt and send the receipt image to WhatsApp to 9106 4082.

2) Cheque: By crossed cheque to

“Sowers Action”, please write on the back with the participant EN. number and contact number and send to Sowers Action office.

3) Cash Deposit

HSBC: 084-7-042199
Bank of China (Hong Kong): 012-875-1144-6785.

4) Alipay / PayMe

Donations can be made via the following QR Code. Please WhatsApp the donation record to 91064082.

5. Credit Card:

Go to runner’s personal blog and select Visa or Master on the donation page.

6) Fast Forward (FPS)

Account number is 7599889. Please enter the runner’s EN number for identification. Please keep
the FPS record.
Submission of Sponsorship list / form
  • ● Participants are requested to log in to the personal blog to upload the sponsorship list or submit the donation form to the Sowers Action on or before November 30, 2024. The list will be used to issue the official donation receipt(s).
  • ● If the sponsors list is not submitted as per the above date, the official donation receipt will be issued under the name of the participant.
Official receipt
  • ● After submitting the donation and donor information, participants can download the electronic receipt from their personal pages from December 15, 2024 to March 30, 2025.
  • ● Team leader is requested to download the electronic receipt(s) on their personal blog and distribute it/them to their teammembers.
  • ● For donation up to $100 or above, you will receive a donation receipt. No receipt will be issued for donation under $100 on per donor basis
  • ● The date on the official receipt is based on the date of receipt of the donation.